About Us
Our castles are suitable for CHILDREN 12 years and under.   We do not have any castles suitable for teenagers and adults.


A standard dry hire is 5 hours, a standard supervised hire is 4 hours.  A castle can be hired by the hour after the standard hire time.  A castle does not have to be hired for the full amount of time however minimum prices do apply.
The majority of our castles have covers to protect children from the sun and rain.
We have $20m Public Liability Insurance on all our Castles and our operators are thoroughly trained and police checked.
Any prices quoted include GST.
It is preferable to set up a jumping castle on dirt or grass. Please notify us if the castle will be used on a hard surface (such as concrete or bitumen) as this will require the use of different anchoring equipment.
Please also notify us if power is available or whether we will be required to supply a generator.


Dry hires (ie supervised by you not us) can only be performed in a private residence and it is up to you to make arrangements for insurance.  This applies to the small and medium sized castles, large castles must be supervised even in a private residence.
Any castle in a public location (including halls & parks and all corporate functions) MUST be supervised.
For your safety we will not allow unsupervised night hires.

In some instances we will run a jumping castle or sideshow game at your event (eg school fetes, church and some community events) and give you 20% of the takings, rather than you hiring us to be there.  Please contact us for more information.

Bensons Showbags
Novelties & Plush toys
Lucky Dips
Buckets of Fairy Floss
By arrangement:  Soft drinks and Hot chips
Laughing Ducks Game
Mon - Sun: 08:00 AM - 08:00 PM

Jumping Castle Hire
For backyard hires our castle hire starts at $170.00 for 5 hours (Tinkerbell & Party Balloon castles).  Prices increase depending on the location of the hire (ie distance of travel) and if the hire is on concrete/pavers.  The Clown and Disney Combo castles are not available unsupervised.
Supervised hires vary in price depending on location and hire length but start at $200.00 (Tinkerbell & Party Balloon castles), $250.00 (Clown castle) and $300.00 (Disney Combo) for a 3 hour hire. 

  • Basketball Stadium Game
  • Laughing Ducks  (like Laughing Clowns)
  • Knock Em Down
  • Pluck a Duck
Prices vary depending on location, length of hire, whether prizes are required (or supplied by you).

Carnival Food
Carnival Food can be made fresh on your premises (except Toffee Apples). 
Item                   Min Qty          Cost
Dippy Dogs         20                  $4.00 ea
Popcorn               20                  $2.50 cup
Toffee Apples     20                  $2.50 ea
Hot Donuts         100                 $1.20 ea
Fairy Floss          20       Stick  $2.50 ea
                                           Bag    $3.00 ea
Fairy Floss (bags) can be delivered to you in the Adelaide CBD for $10.00 or can be picked up from our premises by arrangement.
To make food on your premises within the Adelaide CBD there is a call out fee of $50.00 in addition to the cost of the food.  Power is also required.  A standard call out is 2 hours.
We are happy to travel further and for larger events will negotiate on some of the costs.  Alternatively in some cases we can sell products and give you 20% of the takings in lieu of a site fee.
The above is provided as a guide - please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.